Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Wick and Beyond: Artists and Artisans of the East End. By Ansell Cizic.

Well Hung Gallery, 239 Hoxton Street, London N1 5LG
1 October – 1 November, 2015

Gavin Turk: by Ansell Cizic ©

Photographer Ansell Cizic first came to the East End as a fashion advertising photographer in the 1980s, based in Curtain Road at a time when SCP was the sole local purveyor of aspirational design artifacts. The Bricklayers Arms, The City Beverage Company and a tiny paper/tobacconist shop on the corner of Curtain Road/Old Street were suppliers of his staples. 

Times have changed.

A resident of Hackney Wick now for over ten years, he has had an anthropologist's eye on the evolving communities and their sub divisions; watching them grow and flourish (given the right conditions) only to be consumed within a relatively short space of time by the latest
dominant species/culture.

Andrew Salgado: by Ansell Cizic ©
Like all photographers, Ansell  is an inveterate collector by nature. He collects subjects and in this instance he has chosen to gather together endangered species soon to be erased from their natural habitat. The collection of creative and quite often exotic creatures in this ever burgeoning archive represent only the tip of a colossal künstlerhandwerkerberg......... (Ansell's sure the Germans wish they’d thought of it!) soon to disappear under the tsunami of property development that began almost 40 years ago.

Lizzie Peers: by Ansell Cizic ©
Ansell's brief to himself was very simple: one camera, one lens, daylight and a limited time in which make the photograph. None of the intrusive paraphernalia (lighting, stylists, creative directors etc) of his former photographic incarnation.

He is hopeful that he has avoided a ‘theme’ whilst making these images, and yet, as each image has a unique taste, there is inevitably an aesthetic flavour and humour that is particular to Ansell Cizic.
Paul Sakoilsky: by Ansell Cizic ©

Ariane Prin: by Ansell Cizic ©

Alan Coulson: by Ansell Cizic ©

The Wick and Beyond: Artists and Artisans of the East End 
By Ansell Cizic

Well Hung Gallery

Ansell Cizic

Well Hung is a specialist printers, framers and art gallery based in the East End of London. With decades of experience, everything produced is made bespoke in-house by skilled craftsmen, using only the best possible equipment and materials.

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