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FutureEverything Singapore

The Chronarium (Loop.Ph.)

ArtScience Museum (Marina Bay Sands)

10 – 18th October 2015

FutureEverything Singapore will be a city-wide festival presenting ideas for the future, made tangible through interactive artworks and adventurous urban play using new and innovative technologies. The first ideas festival of its kind in Singapore, the innovative programme will explore the vision and social impact of digital culture in Singapore.

Internationally acclaimed participants include: PAN Studio - Hello Lamp Post / Usman Haque / Sara Watson / Cheryl Chung / Scott Smith / Ayesha Khanna / Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino

Happening across the city from the 10th – 18th October 2015, FutureEverything Singapore features a conference, live events, city-wide art and design installations, and an innovation lab. The first major festival in Asia from FutureEverything, more than 30,000 Singaporeans, UK and international artists, tourists and international thought-leaders are expected to congregate for the festival.

FutureEverything Singapore will headline The Festival of Technology - Singapore's first tech and art festival - celebrating Singapore's 50th birthday. FutureEverything Singapore will explore the themes of a 'Smart Nation,’ and examine the possibilities this holds for citizens and governance, art, design and technology. The festival will encourage participatory conversations on the development of our digital culture.

FutureEverything Singapore is a partnership between FutureEverything and Singapore's Infocomm Development Authority (IDA), one of the key government agencies championing Singapore’s efforts to become the world’s first Smart Nation. IDA is the organiser of the umbrella programme, The Festival of Technology (

FutureEverything Founder and CEO, Drew Hemment said; “With our first major venture into Asia, we are delighted to bring our 20 years of experience in championing and bringing innovative ideas to life, to the Singapore public. At a reflective moment for Singapore in its 50th year, we want to engage and stimulate the public to consider how its future society could be positively shaped by technology and innovation”.

Interactive Urban Play: PAN Studio – Hello Lamp Post
Saturday 10th - Sunday 18th October
Have you ever wondered what stories your local bus stop could tell if it could speak? Have you ever thought what it would be like to chat with a lamp post whilst you wait for your friends? Welcome to Hello Lamp Post, a near-future interactive urban experiment where objects across the city come to life. Hello Lamp Post encourages everyone to rediscover their local environment, share memories of their city and uncover the stories that other people leave behind.

Every object in Hello Lamp Post has a name and number, in the form of identification codes. Players can talk to the objects by sending personal SMS messages to each code, including lamp posts, post boxes, utility boxes or telegraph poles – and maybe even some of the iconic landmarks across the city.

Hello Lamp Post encourages you to look at the city with fresh eyes and engage with systems we often take for granted – a chance for us to slow down, reflect and see the city as a playground. By chatting to these smart objects, the Singaporean public can shape thinking on the future of a smart city. The artists and FutureEverything will create a presentation on the views of Singaporeans at the FutureEverything Singapore Conference.

To participate and find out more, visit the Hello Lamp Post hub (Location to be announced) to start playing.

Loop.pH - The Chronarium Sleep Lab
The Cathay
Saturday 10th – Thursday 15th October
People living today sleep significantly less than generations before and sleep disorders are on the rise costing the economy billions. We are only just beginning to understand the impact that sleep disorders have on people's lives and society at large, such as depression, weight gain, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. With the quantity and quality of sleep being constantly challenged by round the clock communications and globalised business, it’s becoming increasingly important to improve the quality of our resting time and develop the necessary skills for sleep. The Chronarium Sleep Lab by UK-based artists Loop.pH explores the role of public space in tackling this challenge as a shared resource for health and wellbeing.

The Chronarium is a public sleep laboratory and faraday cave presented as an immersive audiovisual environment that totally transforms its location into a restorative, calm and contemplative experience, responding to the Smart Nation’s need to tackle the strain on healthcare systems.

Once visitors have entered The Chronarium they will be both shielded from electromagnetic frequencies and exposed to different environmental stimuli that aims to reset their internal circadian rhythm for better, more harmonious sleep. They will be invited to lie back and rest inside a huge hanging catenary net that gently rocks and moves inside the textile space.

The cyclical audiovisual program will be developed in consultation with a leading sleep scientist and look to entrain the brain by encouraging a deep relaxation and rest over a 10-15 minute period using pink noise and a wash of coloured light.

FutureEverything Conference: Signals of Tomorrow
ArtScience Museum
Saturday 17th October, 10am – 7pm
Presented in association with ArtScience Museum

Speakers: Scott Smith, Sara Watson, Cheryl Chung, Andrea Nanetti, Ayesha Kahnna, Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino, Pan Studio, Tong Yee, Dan Hill

What is a smart nation, and what does it mean to be a smart citizen? How are artists, designers, futurists and civic innovators playing with the technology that is weaving itself into the fabric of our cities, economies and infrastructure? FutureEverything’s first ground-breaking Conference in Singapore will look at how life, work and play have been fundamentally transformed by technology, and will form part of a national conversation in Singapore on the place of smart technology in society and culture.

Uniting leading voices from Singapore with selected experts from around the world, FutureEverything Singapore - Signals of Tomorrow will act as a forum for knowledge sharing across disciplines, expertise and communities. It will look at how Singapore reached this new horizon and what’s next, and seek to cross boundaries of art, design, technology and society.

The conference will include sessions exploring topics such as Living Smart, Designing the Data City, Playing the City and The Smart Nation Speaks.

Signals of Tomorrow Innovation Lab
National Design Centre
10th October - 14th October
Sunday Showcase at ArtScience Museum: 17-18th October
Providing a platform for the brightest digital minds in art, design, technology and innovation, FutureEverything Singapore’s Innovation Lab aims to engage citizens with the possible near-future of the Smart Nation. Stretching across the festival programme, a four day lab lead by experts across art and design will result in the opportunity for visitors to experience new participatory prototypes as part of ArtScience Museum’s Signals of Tomorrow showcase from Saturday 17th - Sunday 18th October. These early prototypes will be hosted at ArtScience Museum for the public to explore as part of its Sunday Showcase series.

The Innovation Lab will devise imaginative ways to engage the public in envisioning the future of technology and a Smart Nation. We'll be inviting a range of participants across art, design and technology to work together in imagining what the future for a Smart Nation could entail. FutureEverything’s year round innovation projects create a stream of opportunities and outputs through innovation challenges, knowledge exchange, advocacy, innovation labs, showcase events, and by connecting local talent to global networks.

Notes to Editors
FutureEverything Singapore is curated and produced by FutureEverything - the UK's leading innovation lab and digital culture festival, supported by the IDA. It is the keystone programme of The Festival of Technology, an IDA-initiated event as part of the SG50 celebration.

FutureEverything is an award-winning innovation lab for digital culture and annual festival, established in Manchester in 1995. For 20 years FutureEverything has been exploring the meeting point of technology, society and culture which lies at the heart of the digital debate. Through a community network and regular events it makes connections between thinkers, developers, coders, artists, designers, urbanists and policy makers – inspiring them to experiment and to collaborate in new ways. / Twitter: @FuturEverything / Facebook: FutureEverything

The mission of the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) is to develop information technology and telecommunications within Singapore with a view to serve citizens of all ages and companies of all sizes. IDA does this by actively supporting the growth of innovative technology companies and start-ups in Singapore, working with leading global IT companies as well as developing excellent information technology and telecommunications infrastructure, policies and capabilities for Singapore. For more news and information, visit Follow IDA on Facebook and Twitter

ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands is Southeast Asia's leading cultural institution that explores the inter-relationship between art, science, technology and culture. Featuring 21 galleries totaling 50,000 square feet, the iconic lotus-inspired building has staged major exhibitions by some of the 20th century's key artists, including Salvador Dalí, Andy Warhol and Vincent Van Gogh, as well as major exhibitions which explore aspects of scientific history.

About Loop.pH
Loop.pH is a Spatial Laboratory traversing the worlds of design, architecture and technology to craft space into experiences that radically rethinks the future. The studio specialises in restorative place making using temporal, ephemeral architecture that hosts spectacular happenings.

The studio was founded in 2003 by Mathias Gmachl and Rachel Wingfield to form a new creative practice that reaches beyond specialist boundaries. Their clients have included TED2015, BMW, EDF and the Amsterdam Light Festival.

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