Friday, April 3, 2015

Vertigo: where the Peregrine Falcons nest

Cliff view ©AP BCTraveller.
Out on a limb (rock!) to photograph the boronia on the cliffside. The Peregrine falcons nest in a little cave, centre left. Wedge-tailed eagles on the other side of the plateau, when they choose us. Yesterday we had a visit from yellow-tailed cockatoos, glossy black cockatoos, a lyrebird, several satin bowerbirds, wonga pigeons, brown cuckoo doves, king parrots plus a host of little birds including fantails and yellow robins.

Sulphur-crested looks on. ©AP TBTraveller

Brown Cuckoo Dove. ©AP TBTraveller

Wonga Pigeon ©AP TBTraveller

Swamp Wallaby.©AP BCTraveller.

Here's a swamp wallaby in our pond, just about to drink from what's left of the water. A possum has been trying to get in to our place at night,  seems very keen after it managed a raid on the bananas.

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