Monday, June 6, 2011

Ice Bear Sydney

As a guest of Aurora Expeditions on Friday 3 June,  I was lucky enough to meet UK sculptor Mark Coreth, who is an Arctic aficionado and huge admirer of polar bears. He spoke about his work with great passion and humour and went back to sculpting the ice bear which melts to leave its bronze frame. Mark loves to work on the nose, especially and here he is below, watched closely by the 1 million women campaign poster the group of women dedicated to cutting a tonne of pollution from our daily lives.
Sculptor Mark Coreth at work on the Sydney Ice Bear, Circular Quay, Sydney Image: ©AP/TrueBlue Cockatoo
Aurora Expeditions specialists also spoke of the compelling beauty of the Arctic and 'Russian Coast 2011' is a collection of voyages to inspire everyone to go. 

Mark Coreth is sculpting ice bear cubs at a masterclass in Sydney on 6 June.

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