Sunday, January 31, 2010


I just had to have mushrooms - Woolworth's had Portobellos on special so BCF bought two punnets, then found locally grown at the wonderful farm shop where we buy most of our vegetables on the way to (and from) Camp Cockatoo.
So, armed with more mushrooms than any cook can handle, we arrived at CC last night to find we had had 30ml of rain and the road a bit the worse for wear. Luckily arborio in the store cupboard and the rest of last weekend's reggiano + a couple of brown shallots.
Mrs BCF planted some herbs a while back so raided some slender stems of sage (which I adore with mushrooms) to sizzle up with onion, shallot, mushrooms, a little salt and pepper and a sliced large red chilli. Arborio in next and then stock. Sprinkle of the parmesan added while cooking.
NB: Bit of a deadline as Mr BCF had a film to watch but risotto gives in when it wants to and I wait until the moment arrives.
Verdict: Divine.

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